Privacy Policy

Possible required information 

When you place an order on our website, there is a possibility that we will ask you to provide us with some contact information like: your phone number, email and name. Also, you are able to check our website and be aware of all the information freely.

How the information can be used

Here are the ways we can use the provided information:

• For the creation of your personal account

(Our communication and service is more convenient when you have an account on our website)

• For stable improvements on our website

(Your feedbacks and satisfaction level from our service allows us to improve our service regularly in order to serve you better)

• Service improvements

(In case all the required information is received, you will get the highest quality service possible)

• Transaction processing

(Our company does not inform, distribute or forward any personal or contact information of the customer to any of the third parties, only in case of your agreement and special need for that. Your personal and contact information are used for the order delivery for you only)

• For contacting the customer

(Sometimes we will have to contact you regarding your paper, some clarification or a free inquiry request. Our customer support team will contact you only in case of urgent necessity)

Secure information

Our company guarantees you a 100% protection of your personal and contact information from the moment you start using our services. We have taken lots of actions to provide you with the highest level of security.

We have specially created the protected server, which provides you with the confidence of the information being secure. Any information, provided by you is run through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system. Then the information is encoded to our payment database provider, and only the authorized personnel, who have signed the confidentiality agreement, can have an access to the information provided.

All kinds of personal information, whether it is personal, billing or contact info, is not going to be saved in our system.

Cookies usage

Some files, known as Cookies can be sent to your computer (in case of your agreement only). This will allow our system to distinguish the internet browser you are using and some minor information.

Cookies are used in our company for better analyzing, developing and implementing your needs in life. Cookies can be used only in case of your agreement.

Third parties awareness of the personal information

Our company ensures you that all the provided information will be kept 100% confidential. It cannot be forwarded to any of the third parties. The only third party, that can have an access to the information is the one, which may assist in the accomplishment of your order and only after assigning the confidentiality agreement. The only cases when the information can be disclosed are when law, policy or the protection of rights situation takes place.

The information, which is not personal, can be provided to the third parties only for the purpose of: marketing, advertising, survey or others.

Act Accordance to the Online Privacy Protection of Children

We have an agreement with COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act), which requires us not to collect any information from people beyond 13 years old age. Our service is for people, who are at least 13 years old.

Online Privacy Policy Only

The privacy policy is pertinent to the information collected on the website only. Our company is not responsible for the information that was collected in the offline mode.

Terms & Conditions

Please, feel free to enter on our Terms & Conditions section and check on the restrictions, restraints and possible refusals in providing our services to the customer.


The client confirms that he/she is aware of all the Privacy Policies and totally agrees with them from the moment of starting using our services.

Privacy Policy amendments

If any changes or fixes in the Privacy Policy take place, all of them will be published on this page.

Latest update: June 2nd 2013

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If you have any questions, suggestions or issues regarding our services or Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact our customer support team 24/7.