Our price list

The price for the order you place with our company differs depending on such factors:

  1. Your academic level
  2. The deadline for your order
  3. The number of pages needed
  4. The selection of our additional features like: category of the writer, one page summary, editor’s service and others.

The prices that you can see here are stated for 1 page in USD. If you want to pay in another currency, you will be able to choose one on the payment page.

Writing from Scratch

It means writing a new original paper according to your instructions.

 Calculate priceHigh quality work and confidentiality are guaranted

In case you need the writer to make the primary research, we will contact you and resolve the issue in a most relevant way. The primary research is not included into the price for the order.

 Additional services

It means writing special business related papers for your job application (CV, resume, cover letter etc.)
It means that your previously completed paper will be proofread by a professional writer. He will correct all the punctual, grammar and spelling mistakes in the paper. The content of the paper will not be changed.
It means changing the content of the paper up to 30%. You may order this service if you need to apply minor changes into already written paper.
It means changing of the content of the work up to 70%. You may order this service if you have already written paper and you need to make some adjustments and corrections into it.
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