Moneyback warranties

The professional team of always strive to fully satisfy you as our customer and do everything possible for you to feel safe when you make orders on our website.

Out satisfaction rate is 97.6%, however some difficulties and misunderstandings can happen during the order completion process. If anything goes wrong, the customer can open a dispute and request money back. On this page you can learn about cases and stages for opening a dispute.

Please be aware, that it usually takes for our Dispute Department about  5-7 days to review the dispute case, but the deadline can differ due to the communication between our dispute manager and the customer. It is very important that you stay in touch with us during the dispute process to make it resolve faster.

You can set the order on dispute and request a refund only within 10 days after the order was delivered to you. No late requests will be processed by our Dispute Department.

Below you may find the cases for money back:

1. “I made a double-payment”

If you accidentally paid twice for the order, please contact the support team immediately and inform about the double payment. If the support team notices double payment, the full refund for the second payment will be issued right away.

In case you placed two identical orders, the same procedure would be implemented. The refund for the unwanted order will be issued.

2. “You did not find the writer for my order”

We always do our best to find the best possible writer for your order. However sometimes because of complexity of the assignment we can not find the writer. In this case we will contact you and inform you as soon as possible. The full refund will be issued to you and the discount for your future orders with us will be given.

In case we did not find a new writer for your revision, we will contact you and forward the information about the order to our Dispute Department. They resolve each case individually and set up the partial amount of the refund.

3. “I received my order after the deadline”

In this case you can request for recalculation of the order price. For example, if you have place an order for 3 hours delivery and it was delivered to you more than 17 minutes later, the price for the order will be recalculated for 8 hours deadline. Partial refund for changing of the deadline will be issued. If you have placed an order for more than 7 days deadline and it was delivered to you late, you can request a refund for only 10% of the total order price.

If you did not provide us with the needed materials for the order on time and the deadline exceeded, you cannot ask for a refund. It is your responsibility to provide all the needed information for the order on time so we can start working on the order immediately after we receive it.

There are also some cases, when we can ask you for an extension because of the complexity of the order. If you give your permission for the extension, you will not be able to ask for a refund for lateness.

4. “I received my revision after the deadline”

In this case no recalculation of the price will be possible. If you received the revision more than 30 minutes after the requested deadline, you can set the order on dispute. Please, be aware that no further revisions will be possible for this order. The dispute manager will carefully review the case and come up with the most suitable decision. The maximum refund in this case is 15%, each case is reviewed individually.

5. “I am not satisfied with the quality of the delivered order”

As we already mentioned before, we always try to do our best to satisfy each customer. Unfortunately, there are some cases, when the customer is not satisfied due to some aspects of the work process. Below are the cases, when you can ask for a refund:

  • The preview version of the paper in .pdf was delivered to you; the paper was not approved. In this case you can ask for unlimited amount of revisions or open a dispute for the order and let the dispute manager to resolve the issue. It is your responsibility to provide strong arguments for a refund and specific comments regarding the completed paper. To prevent fraudulent activity the dispute manager carefully checks the completed order for followed instructions, plagiarism, quality etc. In this case you can receive up to 100% of refund. Each case is reviewed individually.
  • The final version of the paper in .doc was delivered to you; the paper was approved. Since the order is approved, you confirm that you are fully satisfied with the completed paper. That is why the full refund in this case is not possible. However, each case is resolved individually and the most suitable solution will be definitely found for the customer.

6. “I want to cancel the order”

There are several cases for a refund if you decide to cancel your order:

  • The writer was not assigned – 100% of a refund will be issued
  • The writer was assigned, but less than half of the deadline had passed – 70% of a refund can be issued, because we need to compensate the part of writer’s work
  • The writer was assigned, but more than half of the deadline has passed – 30% of a refund can be issued
  • The order has been already completed and delivered to you – no refunds are possible

7. “The order was delivered to me, but I want a refund”

You can set the order on dispute within 10 days after the first version of the paper was delivered to you. If you received a preview .pdf version of the paper and had not contacted us within 10 days regarding the order, it would be automatically approved and you would not be able to request a revision or a refund. You need to stay updated during the working process and check on the versions of your completed paper on time.

8. “My paper appeared plagiarized after submission”

Be sure that we carefully check each paper on plagiarism by our plagiarism detection system before delivery, but the only plagiarism detection system that can show you 100% accurate results is If some plagiarism was detected, you are more than welcome to provide us with a plagiarism report either from your university or and we will make a free revision for you or open a dispute. ATTENTION! If you submit your paper to once, it will be automatically added to its database. This means that when you check the same paper for the second time, will show a high % of plagiarism.

9. “I want a refund for additional features that I selected on the order form”

If you selected our additional features (writer’s samples, editor’s service, one page summary) while placing the order, the refund for these features is not possible. However, you may request to lower the writer’s category and request for a refund for changing the category of the writer if he has not been assigned yet. If the writer has been assigned, the refund for writer’s category is not possible.

In case of any questions or suggestions, please contact our support team 24/7. Our professional team will always help you to resolve any issue in the most relevant way to save your time and nerves.